The Warships Podcast

The Warships Podcast

A weekly discussion of current and upcoming events in Wargaming's World of Warships with Kelorn and Kamisamurai

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    Episode 51: The Mighty Jingles goes in depth on Royal Navy Battleships (WIP)

    Join the podcast crew and special guest The Mighty Jingles as they go tier by tier of the new Royal Navy Battleships (still a work in progress), from the Bellerophon to the Conqueror. Along the way, they discuss the tier VII premium HMS Nelson. Don't miss this first look at the next line to be added to World of Warships.

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    Episode 50: Supremacy League

    Hi listeners! In this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast we have joining us from the Supremacy League. Vas79, Cael, & Sterling. Regretfully Vas had microphone issues and we had to use chat and have his colleagues speak for him. Introductions proceed and the guest crew talks about how they came about forming what is now known as Supremacy League from their days and experience with another game, Mech Warrior Online (MWO). Discussion is had about Wargaming's attempts at both Team Battles and Ranked and our guest state their reasoning for hosting SL and continues plans even after Wargaming's Clan Wars comes out.

    Moving further into the major topic for the show. The cast talks about the difficulties for administrating such a large endeavor and the many issues with trying to come up with fare, competitive, but entertaining balance rule sets for the seasons. They bring up issues like the current smoke meta and quality of life for carrier players and how the SL team has been trying to formulate and normalize a better rule set to make game play better. The guest crew goes over a few ideas including the idea of a point system with point break downs for each ship, as well as a possibility of allowing Tier 9 Carriers for CV players. The SL team expands on the current frustrations for CV players, competing in the Supremacy League.

    The cast ask our guest crew why Tier 8 is the competing tier for SL and they go over the strengths and weaknesses for that option as it relates in a competitive environment. A debate is had on the differences between Tier 8, 9, and 10 as well as a continued discussion on what other competitive leagues have done like King of the Sea and Fight Night for example. Tier 9 is brought up and further debated as a possibility and discussed further.

    We round out the show with talk of Royal Navy Battleships and the line that will hopefully be released soon. HMS Nelson is discussed and confirmation that it will be unlocked via Free XP per Sub Octavian. Before closing, the guest crew talks about the upcoming Season 5 for SL and it's scheduling, roster sizes, and tiering. Thank you everyone for listening and support for this cast!

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    Episode 49: The Smoke Changes Aren't Real

    Hi listeners, we get underway on episode 49 with recapping the events of last week for KamiSamurai and Kelorn's trip to Wargaming NA . They had a great time and touched on some of the great moments the two had while visiting the Wargaming Office and USS Hornet. Both joked about meeting in person for the first time and all the silliness that was had while doing Warships Live. If you missed them on Warships Live, you can go on Facebook and watch the replay of the video and see all the awful flavored soda's that the team was subjected to.

    Getting into show topics, we discuss the hot topic issue regarding the recently leaked super test information about potential upcoming smoke changes and Wargamings official statement about the issue. The cast debates the issues of super testing, and community reaction to changes while also making commentary on the needs for Wargaming to have an environment and/or testing vehicle to promote change to the game. Moving on, we talk about one of the newest ships we are testing and previewing. The KMS Graf Zeppelin, which is a new Premium German Carrier slated at Tier 8. This ship was provided to us by Wargaming for testing and previewing purposes and is subject to change. With this each cast member gives their opinion about this ship, and we also break down some of the major points of interest for GZ. Plus we touch on any issues players might be facing when using or playing against the carrier. The topic of carrier competitiveness at Tier 8 is brought up and the cast discusses which CVs might have potential and where Graf Zeppelin might stand with them. Rounding out our show topics the cast discuss the new 0.6.9 Player Test Server patch that is now available for testing. One of the big new game additions is the new campaign to add the famed IJN Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. This campaign is a permanent campaign similar to the other two available and will allow players to go at their own pace to finish out the achievements to earn this historic commander. Yamamoto comes with special abilities for earning First Blood and Kraken and each member of the cast debates the nature, viability, and whether abilities like this should be in the game. There are also nice benefits to finishing the campaign that allows players to change basic camouflage paint schemes as well as adds a second cosmetic flag to the mix. With this we end the show talking briefly about the operations, campaigns, and the Dunkirk missions noting how nice it is to see so much content that has been added recently outside of random battles.

    Thank you everyone for listening and see you next cast!

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    Episode 48: Torpillow Madness at Wargaming America

    PSA: Our apologies in advance for the audio quality this week, we were all in one room!

    Hi Listeners! In our anniversary episode of the Warships Podcast KamiSamurai and Kelorn got the opportunity to travel to Wargaming Headquarters North America for a special visit to see what awesome things Wargaming has been doing with World of Warships. (Regretfully Vanessaira just recently had surgery to remove her gallbladder and could attend :/ but joined in online, Sorry) The crew got to do some amazing things including visiting the USS Hornet while there in San Francisco. Trevzor joins the cast for this episode and the appearance of the infamous TorPillow was once again, a great topic of discussion.

    Getting into show topics, Kelorn asks Trevzor about some of the new content we have been seeing including Operations Dynamo. Trevzor talks about the excitement behind it as well as the thirst for new content from a community that is always looking for more from Wargaming. Kelorn then asks Trevzor about the Super Testing program and what that entails per se. Trevzor breaks down what Super Testers do and how they impact and help shape Wargaming products. KamiSamurai also took the opportunity to talk about his experience while being a Super Tester and recall some of the good and bad times from program. While moving to a similar subject Trevzor then talks about Community Contributors and contrast the differences between the two programs. Hopefully clearing up some questions that many people often have when comparing the two groups.

    Continuing with show topics, Trevzor is asked about this recent trip to the Let's Battle Tour that was held up in Minnesota. Trevzor talks about challenges of holding an event like this, but wanted to stress how much he really enjoyed it. Kelorn is excited for he will be attending the next event being held at the USS Lexington down at Corpus Christi, TX. If you are able to attend a Let's Battle Tour event, please do.

    Wrapping up this episode, the cast host a questions and answers session for Trevzor that our listeners submitted. We want to thank everyone for listening and supporting the game, community, and the show for the last year. Here is to looking forward to many more anniversaries to come!

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    Episode 47: The Podcast is Going to Wargaming HQ Next Week!

    We open with a huge announcement that Kelorn and KamiSamurai will be heading to Wargaming HQ in California for next week's episode. Be sure to get your questions in on the appropriate Forum and Reddit posts, or by contacting the Podcast by any other medium. Vanessa re-joins us this week to discuss Trident, Neighbors, and Riposte map strategies for Ranked. She also give us the run down of what is and isn't working for her. We finish up this week's discussion with a preview of the Russian Battleship Oktyabraskaya Revolutsiya, aka Gangut and a look back at the addition of Operations in World of Warships.

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    Episode 46: Izolate talks Patch 0.6.8 Test and What Doesn't Work in Ranked

    Izolate stops by from Sweden to talk with Kelorn and KamiSamurai. After the first week of Ranked Season 7, we talk about what we've seen that is and isn't working as well as map specific tactics. We talk a little about the upcoming High School Fleet release, then finish the episode discussing the upcoming changes now live on the 0.6.8 Public Test Server.

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    Episode 45: Eurobeat tells us how to Torpedo beat and the Final Version of USS Enterprise is ready!

    Greetings listeners! In this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast, we crank up our epic sounds systems to full, as we jam to the likes of Yuro'Beat! Famous YouTuber and comedic World of Warships entertainer. Kelorn interviews Yuro beginning with how he got his start into creating his totally awesome YouTube content, and his love for the anime series Initial D. The cast continues the interview talking about cars, music, and how Yuro has almost single handedly been reviving the Eurobeat music genre. We bring up some differences between the SEA and NA servers and the communications barriers that exist, as well as talking about how communications effect things like Ranked game play. The cast also inquires about the importance of content like that of ARP and High School Fleet, and what that means to the SEA region for its player base.

    While getting into the heart of our show topics we quickly ask Yuro for his picks for the upcoming Ranked Season. He breaks down what he might use and talks about his outlook of this next season and Ranked in general. We discuss the HIJMS Kaga and USS Enterprise (CV6), as the new carriers on the block, the game play that these carriers bring, and impact they have been having on the game. The cast also gets into all the changes that Enterprise has received and what this ship is going to look like in its final form.

    Continuing on the topic of Enterprise, the cast brings up the prospects of competitive play in places like Supremacy League. How might she fare and will teams use this ship? Yuro speculates on KMS Graf Zeppelin another carrier that will most likely join the Tier 8 line up Soon™, as well as speculation on the High School Fleet Event and when that might hit the NA servers. The cast talks about HSF Harekaze. A Tier 8 destroyer which is an incredibly fun ship play and is one that brings a great set of options to Tier 8 destroyer gameplay.

    We round out the show talking about changes to this upcoming Ranked Season. Changes have been made in the rewards per rank, and the cast discusses the likes and dislikes of the system. Yuro proposes an awesome idea to change up the rewards a bit and we agree that the developers should take note. :smile: Thank you everyone for listening and see you next time!

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    Episode 44: TX141 tells us how and why he Ranked out in a Pensacola in Season 6

    For this weeks episode of the podcast we have a post Ranked Season 6 interview with TX141TX. Who did an amazing YouTube video of himself grinding out the entire Ranked Season in none other then the USS Pensacola. A ship which many consider is horrible and is vastly unpopular. The video showcases highlights from each match where he gained a Rank Star, parring it up with an awesome set of music along the way. Check out his video if you have not already, as it is a great inspirational and well crafted YouTube piece in of itself.

    After the interview we discuss the merits and challenge our line of thinking with ships that we often dismiss and overlook. We bring up some examples form each caster as the crew goes through what strengths that ship might be able to bring to this coming Ranked Season, and from that. The cast tries to speculate and formulate potential scenarios to maximize those strengths like TX141 did.

    Thank you everyone for listening!!! Stay tuned in with your best sound system as we have more guest torpedo beating their way to the show...

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    Episode 43: Enterprise AP Bombs, Server Clash II, Aerrooooooooooooon, and Ranked Season 7

    The podcast crew continues the tradition of bringing Aerroon back to the show to discuss the ins and outs of each ship for the upcoming Tier 6 Ranked Season. Join us as we go through the extensive list of premium and non-premium Tier 6 ships and decide which ones are more viable than others. Kami is excited to announce he'll be streaming the NA vs EU Server Clash this weekend, check the full description for links. Before we get to all of that, we talk about the addition of AP bombs to USS Enterprise and how they'll affect the Tier 8 premium carrier and the USN CV line in general.

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    Episode 42: Enterprise, High School Fleet, and ... Zoup?!?

    Hi Listeners! For Episode 42 of the Warships Podcast we have NoZoup returning for his 3rd stint on the show to talk about the many new surprises that has recently hit the World of Warships. Kelorn checks up on fellow Community Contributor Zoup and how he has been doing recently with his YouTube channel. Congratulations on 10k subscriptions Zoup, as that is an incredible milestone! The cast discusses one of his recent videos, a satire on the destroyer class in the game. Which is brilliant, well done, and put together. Kelorn also takes a moment to make a quick comment about the show host's formation of a new Clan/Fleet, (-I-) Impact. Headed up by KamiSamurai himself. We chose to leave OPG (OverPowereredGaming) on amicable terms, to set out on a new course for ourselves and our fleet.

    We get into the main body of show topics with the news and testing of several new ship. As of the day of this shows recording. All four of the show's members and guest, as well as other NA Community Contributors, have the opportunity to now test USS Enterprise, HMS Gallant, HSF Graf Spee, and HSF Harekaze. We talk about each of these ships going over what our initial impressions are for the new ships. Please keep in mind that any stats, abilities, and issues with these ships are subject to change as they are in testing and are considered a work in progress.

    We start with the Enterprise and break down the play style and our thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses so far. Discussing potential for Ranked and Competitive play and overall viability that this ship brings. We do the same for Gallant focusing on what the ships play style is and how it is possibly a meta changer. The implications for Ranked play could be massive and is this possibly a sign of things to come with the future Royal Navy Destroyer line???

    Along the lines of destroyers we talk about the introduction of two new ships coming to the game. The collaboration with the High School Fleet anime show has brought about two of the shows star ships. HSF Harekaze and HSF Graf Spee. The Graf Spee is mostly a mirror of the existing in game counterpart however Harekaze is unique Tier 8 fictional Kagero class, in that she has the ability to upgrade her hull and guns in game similarly as to how she did in several episode of the anime show. This gives players many options and the cast discusses this fun ship and how great of a hybrid ship she can be. Kelorn, Kami, and Zoup speculate on how these ships might be obtained and a very interesting idea is brought up on how they could be obtained that we really hope Wargaming is working on and/or considering close as these are fantastic ideas.

    We close out the podcast with a discussion on the newly release/revealed images and line up of Royal Navy Battleships. The cast talks about the ships seen so far. HMS Conqueror the Tier 10, HMS Lion Tier 9, HMS King George the 5th and HMS Nelson which tiers are still ambiguous at the moment of this podcast. Going over some of the information known to us we talk about gun battery potential, speed, armor, and other points of interest to these ships, and how they might fare to their contemporaries.

    Thank you all for listening and supporting us! See you next cast!!!

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