The Warships Podcast

The Warships Podcast

A weekly discussion of current and upcoming events in Wargaming's World of Warships with Kelorn and Kamisamurai

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    Episode 81: A Wave of Re-balancing?

    Hi listeners! Welcome back to another episode of the Warships Podcast. For this episode the crew covers a plethora of new topics and changes as well as some new test ships the cast has been working on. Please keep in mind that test ships and adjustments to live ships are subject to change and were provided by Wargaming as such, to evaluate, test, and discuss for you the community.

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    Episode 80: Kronstadt, Buffalo, and so much more!

    Hi listeners! Welcome back to another episode of the Warships Podcast. In this weeks episode we have a lighter episode focusing on some of the new and upcoming ships that the team is testing. These ships are the VMF Kronshtadt, USS Buffalo, KMS Z-39, RM Duca Degli Abruzzi, and HIJMS Asashio.

    With no guest this week the crew gets straight into these ships, covering the Kronshtadt and Buffalo first. Comparing and contrasting these ships to analogous counterparts in game as well as discussing the gameplay so far with them. Sailing on to the Z-39, the crew talks destroyers where the major change was the drop from Tier 8 to 7. Finishing out the ship discussion with the premiums Abruzzi and Asahio. Each cast member gives their thoughts and opinions as these two ships appear to reaching or close to their final release state. Please remember, all these ships are subject to change.

    Thank you everyone for listening and its a great pleasure to have your support for this show. See you next cast!

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    Episode 79: The Italian Cup

    This week SupportTank and DaniExpert from the Italian Cup tournament sit down to tell us about how the Italian-only team tournament works. Kami and Kelorn are curious about their method of map selection and wonder what it might mean to be able to choose the map and team composition accordingly. Kelorn gives this week's quick hits, including the upcoming perma-space camos, an update to pan-asian and commonwealth flags, and an update to the test version of Abruzzi.

    Getting into the details, Kelorn, Kami, and Dani talk about the recently released details regarding the down-tiered USN Heavy cruisers. They speculate about the effects of the concealment nerf to the lower tier ships and wonder how Pensacola will do at Tier 6. After having a couple of weeks playing them, the crew discusses what captain builds and upgrades are being used on the French Battleships, particularly at high tier.

    The podcast gets rounded off with a teaser for next week's giveaway, as well as a discussion about downtiering Z-39 from Tier 8 to Tier 7.

    Don't forget to join us on Impact Discord at:

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    Episode 78: So Long and Thanks for All the Fish with Trevzor from WGNA

    The podcast host a bittersweet episode with Trevzor's final time as a guest. He talks about how he joined Wargaming NA and the good and not-so-good times he had. Afterwards, we announce the winner of the Gascogne contest and open a new contest for 5k Dubloons from the winner _greifer! We round out the episode with a discussion on the AP change and what's coming in Patch 0.7.3.

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    Episode 77: Wargaming's RadarX shares his Vision for NA Community Team

    In this weeks episode of the Warship Podcast, we have one of Wargaming newer additions to its staff, RadarX, who recently joined the Wargaming North America staff ventures on to the show to give us his views on World of Warships. The cast interviews Radar and gets up to speed with the new Senior Community Manager. Radar tells the show about his previous work experiences and how he got to Wargaming. He continues the interview by laying out some of his plans and ideas for how he can improve the North American side of the Warships Community.

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    Episode 75: Yuzral, First Herald of the A-poi-calypse

    This week, EU Youtuber Yuzral rejoins us for some in-depth discussion about Asashio, Graf Zeppelin, the changes to the Northern Lights map, and some speculation about other tiers of Clan Battles. Special bonus topic on if the Royal Navy will get its deserved Aircraft Carrier line!

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    Episode 74: Izolate talks King of the Seas Finals and What Makes a Premium?

    Izolate joins us as a Community Contributor from the EU region to talk about his recent stint broadcasting the King of the Seas finals with Flamu from the Wargaming EU office in Paris. After that we get in depth talking about three work in progress Premium ships, all of which have had recent changes: Gascogne, Graf Zeppelin, and Asashio.

    We move on with some quick hits about the upcoming PTS Patch 0.7.2 and finish the podcast this week with a discussion on What Makes a Premium and what should a premium be?

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    Episode 73: Aerroon returns to talk Monaghan, Asashio, Gascogne, and Clan Battles

    Hi listeners! For this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast, we have the return of EU Contributor Aerroon. Normally the podcast would have Aerroon on for a pre Ranked Season break down, however this time he is joining us for post Ranked results. We also talk in depth about the new premium ships we've been testing, break down some new previews from the dev blog, and cover the upcoming clan battles season!

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