The Warships Podcast

The Warships Podcast

A weekly discussion of current and upcoming events in Wargaming's World of Warships with Kelorn and Kamisamurai

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    Episode 39: New Kidd on the Block: USS Kidd and DeGrasse First Impressions (WiP)

    Hi listeners! In this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast we discuss an assortment of new premium ships coming to the game in the near future. Breaking down ships that we are currently testing and reviewing, as well as a bit of speculation on three ships that will hopefully make there appearance soon in game.

    Getting into our show discussion we start off with USS Kidd, a Fletcher class Destroyer that has been slotted at Tier 8 instead of 9. The reasoning of this is that it has one less torpedo rack, trading torpedoes for improved anti aircraft capabilities. We discuss at length our current experiences with the ship and give our thoughts on how it could be improved as well as its current standing in the random meta and possibilities for competitive play. The next ship we are testing is the French Cruiser DeGrasse. A solid cruiser that each cast member believes is a solid premium that we feel, is ready to ship to the public right now. We talk about its strengths and weaknesses and talk about French Cruiser play in general.

    Moving on from the current premium ships that we are testing, the cast gets into the big and highly anticipated ships, and by big ships, we really mean ENTERPRISE! We talk about the Big E and carrier game play, matchmaking, and how even non CV players will be getting this ship just based on the fact that its the Enterprise. The cast also talks about Admiral Markarov which is the Nurnberg but as it was when sold to the Russians and HMS Gallant is a Royal Navy Destroyer. Which is a ship featured in an upcoming movie about the massive evacuation at Dunkirk. We discuss these ships and move onto our final topic for the show.

    The Sink the Bismarck campaign discussion rounds out the podcast with the sale of HMS Hood which is now available via a staggered bundle system. Much like how Graf Spee was handled, players who were familiar with that will understand this system and campaign. We talk about the merits of the sale and remind players that you have 19 days to complete this run. The 100 dollar bundle is brought up and debated as we go over the pluses and minuses for making such a purchase, and break down what the bundle contains.

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    Episode 38: Business6 gets introspective with the Podcast crew

    With a relatively light news week in World of Warships, the podcast crew and special guest Business6 talk about some deeper topics. We explore the benefits of taking breaks from Warships and why we come back. Thoughtful discussion about the effect of giving out a T8 Bismarck in the upcoming campaign results in some interesting conclusions. The upcoming ranked season is explored with the possibility of it being Tier 6. Finally, we discuss the importance of late game DD play and how to survive in a DD.

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    Episode 37: Star Wars Day Podcast!

    No guest this week as the podcast hosts recap interesting aspects of the interview with Sub Octavian. After that we discuss the updates to the Hood and Kaga for final production tests and the 0.6.5 changes. Then we delve into the aspects of the new in game events, especially the Clash of Elements and the upcoming Sink the Bismarck campaign. We close with a look back at the Captain skills after playing with them for several months.

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    Episode 36: Warships Math with Sub Octavian

    Sub Octavian joins us on the podcast from Russia to answer some specific questions about Warships Math. Ever wondered what exactly sigma is? Or about how locking on to a target affects your accuracy? We get these questions and much much more answered as Sub Octavian gives us an amazing insight into how World of Warships mechanics work and how ship balance is determined.

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    Episode 35: HMS Hood, Kaga, Tirpitz secondaries and more with iChase

    iChase joins the podcast crew on a momentous day. All four of us received the Hood and Kaga to test mere hours before the podcast and we share our first impressions of the initial work in progress ship iterations. We hope for some Hood buffs and are floored by how good the Kaga is. Following that, we talk about our initial impressions of the French Cruisers on live, and the changes to the Tirpitz secondaries and Des Moines deck armor.

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    Episode 34: ClydethaMonkey, PTS Patch 0.6.4, and in-depth Tier x Tier French Cruisers

    Norwegian twitch streamer ClydeThaMonkey joins the podcast crew this week to discuss the latest from a busy week in World of Warships. First up, we talk about the incoming changes in Patch 0.6.4, including the ever beloved Mogami, as well as the upcoming tweaks to various maps. Next, we discuss the start of the Clash of the Elements event literally getting underway as we recorded the podcast. Finally, after a weekend of testing, we discuss the ins and outs of each French Cruiser, from Tier 1 to Tier X.

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    Episode 33: Wargaming EU gives a window into Content Creation and Duca D'Aosta gets a Preview!

    Publisher Karsun and Community Coordinator MrConway from Wargaming EU answer questions about the EU Server. They include tidbits about content creation, Ranked Season 6 participation, the challenges of a multi-lingual server, and feedback from the Christmas Convoys. We also talk about the effect of stealth fire removal, the changes to the French ships, and the Podcast crew previews the Duca D'Aosta. Finally, we wrap up by talking about the new Dry Dock on PTS 0.6.4 and the teaser for the upcoming patch.

    Two big announcements are inserted in the middle of all of that, with the Podcast crew announcing their inclusion as Wargaming NA CC's and a special shout out to the Gofundme for fellow player Gary Falbo.

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    Episode 32: What it's really like to command a battleship with VADM Douglas Katz USN (retired)

    In this episode of the Warships Podcast we have the privilege of having Vice Admiral Katz (Retired) on talking about his time in the United States Navy and as the Captain of the U.S.S. New Jersey. The Vice Admiral gave us an incredible awe inspiring oral history of just some of the many stories and experiences he had while in the U.S. Navy and on board the U.S.S. New Jersey.

    Stay tuned for next week as we have members from the EU side of Wargaming come on the show. Thank you again for listening and supporting as always!

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    Episode 30: QckSlvrSlash and Trevzor expound on French Cruisers, the Alabama, a day at WG NA, and How to Cruiser!

    The podcast crew is joined by up-in-coming youtuber QckSlvrSlash and, friend of the podcast, Trevzor from Wargaming NA! We discuss Wargaming's #WGK9salute event, the new French cruisers, what their testing schedule looks like, and what kind of flavor they might have. Trevzor gives us some insight into how things are decided at WG NA as well as some advice on how to get their attention. After a quick discussion on the new USS Alabama, Vanessa leads a round table with advice on How to Cruiser for our listeners.

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