The Warships Podcast

The Warships Podcast

A weekly discussion of current and upcoming events in Wargaming's World of Warships with Kelorn and Kamisamurai

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    Episode 30: QckSlvrSlash and Trevzor expound on French Cruisers, the Alabama, a day at WG NA, and How to Cruiser!

    The podcast crew is joined by up-in-coming youtuber QckSlvrSlash and, friend of the podcast, Trevzor from Wargaming NA! We discuss Wargaming's #WGK9salute event, the new French cruisers, what their testing schedule looks like, and what kind of flavor they might have. Trevzor gives us some insight into how things are decided at WG NA as well as some advice on how to get their attention. After a quick discussion on the new USS Alabama, Vanessa leads a round table with advice on How to Cruiser for our listeners.

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    Episode 28: The Mighty Jingles and Patch 0.6.2

    This week Kelorn, Kami and Vanessa interview one of the most well-known community contributors for both World of Warships and World of Tanks, the Might Jingles! Jingles tells us about how he got started on Youtube, anecdotes from his time in the Navy, gives his opinion on the new Russian DD's and USS Black, and answers some listener questions!

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    Episode 27: RIP Poshybird and NoZoupForYou gives us the lowdown on his trip to WGNA Headquarters

    We start this week with a solemn moment of silence in memory of World of Tanks twitch streamer Poshybird. We encourage people to consider donating to the GoFundMe setup in his name. NoZoupForYou is our guest this week and tells us about his amazing trip to Wargaming NA Headquarters in California. He hints about the great things coming this year, whetting our appetites! After that, we talk about the developing ranked meta on the EU and NA servers, which ships are being used and why we think that might be. We round out the episode with a Backer QnA session and announce next week's guest!

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    Episode 26: The Chieftain arrives in style!

    We start out this week with a new intro as we finally got off the dime and had Vanessa's name added to the intro music! The Chieftain from Wargaming NA stops by to discuss the ins and outs of Ships, how they relate to tanks, how he got started with Wargaming, and a host of other tidbits about how things work behinds the scenes. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

    At the end, we announce that Kami and Kelorn will be participating in two Community Contributor events this weekend, be sure to check out Corgi Fleet and the NA and EU CC event!

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    Episode 25: A wild Pointy Haired Jedi has appeared! Patch 0.6.1, upcoming changes, and How to Smoke!

    Pointy Haired Jedi joins the podcast for the week and gives us an insight into what being a full time youtuber is like! After that we talk about the start of Ranked Season 6, the reward ship USS Black, and the effect of radar on DD's. New upcoming changes for the Khabharovsk, Iowa, and Montana are spotlighted. We round out the episode with a question from listener Cubist about How to use your Smoke!

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    Episode 22: Jammin411 from and Patch 0.6.0 goes live!

    Jammin411 gives us the lowdown on his replay hostings website, including great information about the background data gathering and future plans for the website! After that, Jammin joins the podcast crew as they discuss the release of Patch 0.6.0 and have a friendly debate about what builds to use for various Tier X Battleships, Cruisers, and Destroyers. With a bonus inclusion of a discussion on why Internal Fuse for HE Shells is so good for 150-155mm gun cruisers!

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    Episode 21: 0.6.0 Public Test #2 Changes and Impressions

    KamiSamurai returns to the podcast as he, Kelorn, and Vanessaira discuss the changes made to for Patch 0.6.0 Public Test #2. They also go into more depth on the ramifications of certain skills and start to feel their way toward builds. Not to be left out, the controversial skill Radio Position Finding gets a little more discussion including Kami's impressions as the countdown to Patch 0.6.0 approaches.

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