The Warships Podcast

The Warships Podcast

A weekly discussion of current and upcoming events in Wargaming's World of Warships with Kelorn, Vanessaira, and Aerroon!

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    Episode 92: Capt_Rye sails in to chat Kitakaze, Harugumo, and Neuve de Juilio!

    Hi listeners, for this episode of the Warships Podcast we have special guest Captain Rye. Fellow Wargaming Community Contributor for World of Warships who promotes his content via Youtube and Twitch. He joins us as we discuss a host of new ships, Patch 0.7.7 controversies and Night mode!

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    Episode 90: Warships is Coming to Console and the Dev QnA

    Hi listeners! In this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast, the cast team goes over several major announcements and informational releases put out by Wargaming. These major pieces of news being the Community Contributor Q&A session, and the announcement about World of Warships coming to gaming consoles.

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    Episode 89: Then he said Legendary Upgrades must exist, and it was so.

    Kelorn, Aerroon, and Vanessa discuss three revised Test ships, HMCS Haida (in the guise of HMS Cossack), USS Salem, and USS Massachusetts. Not content with just that, the podcast crew tackles the huge new content of Legendary Upgrades, giving the stats for each Tier X's legendary upgrade and how each ship will be affected. This week closes out with a discussion of the coming changes to Zao and Gearing, as well as a quick wrap up of Ranked Season 9.

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    Episode 88: Sayonara Kamisamurai-san! Hajime mashite Aerroon-san!

    Hi Listeners! For this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast, we have a bittersweet one. This is the final episode for KamiSamurai who is leaving the podcast to go work for Wargaming North America in Austin, TX. There are many goodbyes from fellow Community Contributors and Kami took a moment to reflect on his time on the show. The show introduces Aerroon, who is now officially a full time crew member of the Podcast and will help the team going forward.

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    Episode 87: NoZoupForYou talks USN Cruiser split, Russian Battlecruisers, and RIP Sirrsb79

    NoZoupForYou joins the podcast crew to talk about how the USN Cruiser split will work, the changes to Indianapolis and Boise, the final version of Kronshtadt, the Stalingrad identity crisis, and the Premium Captains for sale in the shop controversy.

    We start out with some announcements wishing the best for Sirrsb79's family, who our new co-host will be, and a CC Crate and Camo contest.

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    Episode 85: KotS Six EU, Kronshtadt v2, Stalingrad, and USN Light Cruiser First Impressions

    This week Mister Conway from Wargaming EU in Paris, as well as Domin1c and Eclaire from King of the Seas join us to discuss the upcoming King of the Seas Six Tournament in the EU Region. Kami gives us a rundown of the KotS NA tournament and the upcoming finals this weekend, that he's going to Austin to broadcast!

    After that, we dig into the new test ships we've been given, starting with the updated Kronshtadt, our first look at Stalingrad, then segueing into the full USN Light Cruiser line. We finish up the day talking about the revised USS Massachusetts and if just being different is good enough.

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    Episode 84: Sho from World of Warships Japan talks Collaborations and USS Worcester/Monaghan

    This week we have a special guest all the way from World of Warships Japan, Sho, who is the lead community team member in charge of all of World of Warships Collaborations. He tells us about how collaborations got started with Arpeggio of Blue Steel, moved on to High School Fleet, and the upcoming Azur Lane. He also gives us insight into the SEA/APAC server.

    Afterwards, the podcast crew discusses the important topics of the week, including our first impressions of USS Worcester and USS Monaghan, as well as the updates to USN Cruisers and the first week of Ranked Season 9.

    Stay tuned next week as the EU King of the Seas folks are coming by to tell us about their upcoming tournament!

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