The Warships Podcast

The Warships Podcast

A weekly discussion of current and upcoming events in Wargaming's World of Warships with Kelorn, Vanessaira, and Aerroon!

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    Episode 114: 2019 has come with a CV Rework and New Ships!

    The podcast crew returns for 2019 in World of Warships and NoZoupForYou joins us while he's furloughed during the US Government Shutdown. We have plenty to cover, including: a look at how the New Years Events have been going, the state of the Prinz Eitel Frederich, a nerf to fire duration on Alaska and Azuma, new Test ships: Azuma, Neustrashimy, and Leone, Ranked Sprint, and the CV Rework state of readiness.

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    Episode 113: My God!! It's full of Steel!

    This week the regular crew is back as we talk about Kelorn's visit to WGNA HQ last week, the steel events for the new year, some new ships under testing and on the horizon, Tier 9 Ranked Arms Race, and the release of the CV Rework in 0.8.0.

    (Bonus points if you know what the title of this episode is paraphrasing!)

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    Episode 112: A visit to the WGNA Office to see an Old Friend and get a bombshell about Submarines!

    RadarX was kind enough to allow me to come by the WGNA office in Austin for a lengthy session of recordings with many of the Warships NA Staff. Hear from URL guy about some cool things about the webpage and his gratuitous additions to Warships lore. Tragicloss and Kami discuss the ins and outs of supporting the community of gamers that play World of Warships. Finally, RadarX and head of production Sasha talk about the year just past and what's to come for Warships in the NA region.

    Listen in for a few listener questions from twitter and a surprising announcement about the future of submarines!

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    Episode 111: Santa Crates and Clan Battles Season 4 with Strangers123

    Strangers123 from OMNI stops by the show to talk about the minutiae of Clan Battles generally and Season 4 in particular. Tune in to learn some new strats and ship strengths for your team.

    Santa crates are here! The podcast crew gives the rundown on what's available and what's worthwhile to get !

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    Episode 108: Warships Podcast After Dark

    In this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast Aerroon and Vanessaira go over some recent changes, news, and testing done in the World of Warships. Regretfully Kelorn is in Chicago for business and could not make the this weeks episode. This show also saw the return of Vanessaira who had recently moved and had been unable to make the previous shows.

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    Episode 107: Nerfs, Buffs, and Random Things

    Aerroon and Kelorn talk today about a slew of nerfs and buffs from the Dev blog, including Yue Yang, Secondaries, and IJN Cruisers/Destroyers. In addition, we talk about some further impressions on the test ships, Jean Bart for sale at Tier 9, and the 2nd season of Ranked Sprint!

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    Episode 106: Ranked Sprint, Battleship AP vs Destroyers, and Standardization

    Join Kelorn and Aerroon as we talk about the new Ranked Sprint mode, Battleship AP changes vs Destroyers, and the standardization of Concealment Expert and Hyrdroacoustic Search. We also give our first impressions of the test ships Wichita, Prinz Eitel Friderich, West Virginia '41, Dreadnought, and Vanguard.

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    Episode 105: Carrier Rework Testing with iChase!

    Hi listeners! For this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast, iChase joins with the podcast team as they soar into the new Carrier Re-Work test. Carriers in World of Warships are being overhauled from a system of control which was based around a Real Time Strategy (RTS) setup. To a new system, which is Action based Arcade Flight Sim like for aircraft group movement and combat.

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