The Warships Podcast

The Warships Podcast

A weekly discussion of current and upcoming events in Wargaming's World of Warships with Kelorn and Kamisamurai

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    Episode 66: Roma, Duke of York, Salem, Aigle, and... BattleshipMaine?

    Hi listeners! In this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast, we have special guest Battleship Maine. He has helped to foster and expand our community by making the World of Warships NA Discord server. We also discuss four new test ships and our experiences in them!

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    Episode 65: Carrier Week 2 of 2! Femennenly gives us another perspective on CVs!

    Hi Listeners! In this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast, we continue with more carrier talk with special guest Femennenly. Kelorn and Fem talk about their experiences from the recent Lets Battle Tour at USS Lexington. The cast discusses the new CV changes with the USN carriers, going ship by ship and gathering the opinions of each.

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    Episode 63: A Plethora of New Ships!

    We are back for another episode of the Warships Podcast and we have plenty of topics to cover. From the Let's Battle Tour wrap-up to three new premium ships, this week's episode is jam packed with info!

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    Episode 62: USN Cruiser Split!?

    Hi listeners! In this weeks episode, we get our KamiSamurai back and a surprise announcement about the future USN Cruiser line split. Before getting into our show topics, the cast goes over the photo submissions and we choose a winner for the USS New Jersey contest. Thank you everyone for your entries and we hope to do another cool contest like this again.

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    Episode 61: Win a Piece of USS New Jersey

    For Episode 61 of the Warships Podcast we have two guest joining us for the show. Fellow NA Community Contributor Vulgarr and also joining us, is one of our listeners and Patreon backer Dj Hallama who is providing a special prize for a competition: a piece of USS New Jersey's deck.

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    Episode 60: A Crazy Week of New Info with iEarlGrey

    Hi listeners! In Episode 60 of the Warships Podcast, we sit down and have some afternoon tea with iEarlGrey. Who joins us after taking some time off from the game, but is now back and playing World of Warships again.

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    Episode 59: NoZoup and the Conqueror are the Controversy of the Week

    In this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast, No Zoup joins us again to talk about recent controversies. The crew gets into the various topics and discusses some recent testing with Graf Zeppelin and Deep Water Torpedoes, as well as speculation with Pan Asian Destroyers. Changes and talk about Smoke Meta, nerfs to ships like HMS Conqueror occupy our show. We round things off with a contest announcement!

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    Episode 58: WGA Trevzor returns to talk Reshade

    Hi listeners, welcome to another episode of Warships Podcast. For this show we are joined once again by the one and only Trevzor (aka Friend of the Podcast ;D) who graciously came on the show last minute to cover a recent hot issue regarding the temporary ban of players using ReShade.

    A recent update has made a mod such as ReShade trigger Wargaming's anti cheat system and players have been giving feedback and discussing modifications in World of Warships. Trevzor took the opportunity to come join us and talk about this subject, as well as address some of the concerns or issues people have. While talking on the subject of modifications, the cast touched on other mods like Angle mod, as well as the Running Lights and debated the uses in competitive settings.

    Covering other show topics the cast discussed some of the new ships they have been testing, and these include the Guilio Cesare, and Huang He. The crew goes into details of their testing and give opinions on whether the ships are in their current state worthy of purchase and fun to play. The Russian Battleship October Revolution is mentioned, as a new mission set is now available to participate and/or purchase similar to how the Graf Spee event was.

    Finishing out this week show. The cast talks about the Supremacy League and the upcoming match ups as well as streaming schedule of those matches which will be live to watch. Thank you again to all of our amazing listeners and backers. Look forward to you listening to our next cast!

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    Episode 57: What in the Clan Battles is going on in here?

    Hi listeners, for this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast we discuss Clan Battles! Finally after waiting all this time World of Warships gets the highly anticipated clan competitive mode that has been long sought after by its player base. The cast breaks this topic down and discusses what is currently known and also speculates as to what might be with this new competitive mode.

    Getting started on the Clan Battles topic the cast jumps into the controversial issues, beginning with the exclusion of the Carrier class from Clan Battles Season 1. This has drawn widespread criticism and praise from supporters and opponents alike. The podcast crew gives their opinions as well as echo and discuss some of those from other Warship Community members. With the limits to CV's, the cast touches on the other limits and that is that one team will only be able to bring up to 1 Battleship per. Great discussion and debate follows and Clan Battle's Meta is also brought up.

    While on the subject of Battleships, the cast moves to discuss BB meta and what ships will most likely be viable in this new competitive setting. All the BB's are hashed out with the strengths and weaknesses they bring and how they will stack in a Cruiser heavy meta. With the ship type of Cruisers the cast shifts into what will most likely be the prominent class seen and breaks down what they feel might be the viable Cruiser options to be played in the meta. Last class in this topic is Destroyers and the crew expands on the Cruiser meta and how DD's will play a role in it and how a Destroyer will have to play with the excess amounts of radar, hydro, and other non Anti Air abilities that Cruisers will now be free to load up with out the presences of CV's.

    Regretfully with time constraints the crew was not able to touch on two new ships we have been testing but will get to that topic in the next cast. Thank you everyone for listening and look forward to having you next time on the Warships Podcast!

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