The Warships Podcast

The Warships Podcast

A weekly discussion of current and upcoming events in Wargaming's World of Warships with Kelorn, Vanessaira, and Aerroon!

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    Episode 121: Was Tier 9 Arms Race Ranked a Success?

    Hi listeners, for this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast. We have special guest SeaRaptor join us to discuss recent changes and the new King of the Sea Tournament coming up. The Ranked Season with the new Arms Race mode is discussed and debated. As well as the new Hot Fix which changes interaction between CVs and the other surface ships. The new Tier 9 USS Georgia is brought up and its possible game play, stats, and potential discussed. New listener questions for this week are answered and the show wraps up closing thoughts.

    Want to thank the Warships Community for supporting our show and the King of the Sea Tournament. Look forward to seeing you again on the Warships Podcast!

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    Episode 120: Post Valentine's Day Warships

    Hi listeners, for this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast. The crew continues to discuss the new carrier rework as well further changes to test ships like; Exeter, Viribus Unitus, Neustrashimy. In addition to these updates on the new ships being tested, we find out more information about Azama, Yoshino, and Neustrashimy and how these ships will be obtainable . The topics also included the changes that are upcoming to both flooding and radar as well as a new clan weekly competition that hopes to drive more involvement of clans outside of Clan Battles. We finish out the show with listener submitted questions.

    Thank you everyone for your continued support and love of the community. We look forward to seeing you again on the next Warships Podcast!

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    Episode 119: A Bad Week for Wargaming

    Hi listeners, in this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast. The team goes over the fallout of the Carrier Rework that has now seen its first week on the live servers. The crew goes over the impact of this so far on game play, and meta that is currently shifting. In addition to the massive changes with the Carrier patch, Wargaming also announced a test version of Guilo Cesare being moved from tier 5 to tier 6 on the test server for evaluation. The team also received multiple new test iterations with latest batch of ships that are works in progress. Some ships of note are Leone, Azuma, and Exeter. Lastly the podcast team discussed the Soviet Battleships line which was announced recently but had yet to bring up on the show do to the massive influx of new ships and Carrier Rework.

    Thank you all for your continued support of this show. Thank you to our Patreons and those who work to support the Warships Community. We look forward to seeing you again, on the next Warships Podcast!

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    Episode 118: It's the End of the World! Patch 0.8.0 is Live!

    Hi listeners! For this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast the crew goes over the massive change that is Patch 0.8.0. The myrid of changes include the much anticipated carrier rework, new Royal Navy Carriers, as well as many other test ships that have received balance changes or tweaks. Ships of notable discussion were HMS's Exeter, and Audacious, RM Leone, HIJMS's Azuma and Yahagi. In addition to the new ships the team also discussed game play with the new carriers as well as upcoming changes to Radar and Flooding mechanics.

    Thank you to everyone who listens, supports, and makes World of Warships the great community it is. Look forward to seeing you again on the Warships Podcast!

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    Episode 117: Strong Opinions form about the 3rd 0.8.0 Public Test and Carriers

    The premium Carriers for the CV Rework are finally here and the 3rd Round of PTS testing for the CV Rework brings forward some strong opinions on play-ability, fun, and AA fire. Followed by an in-depth look at last week's round of buffs for the Super test server on numerous Premium and Re searchable ships.

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    Episode 115: What Ships to use in Tier 9 Ranked

    Hi listeners! Welcome to episode #115 for the Warships Podcast! In this weeks episode for the podcast we have plenty of Zoup this time, and yes even for you. Who returned once again to help us discuss bigger topics coming up with the new Ranked Season.

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    Episode 114: 2019 has come with a CV Rework and New Ships!

    The podcast crew returns for 2019 in World of Warships and NoZoupForYou joins us while he's furloughed during the US Government Shutdown. We have plenty to cover, including: a look at how the New Years Events have been going, the state of the Prinz Eitel Frederich, a nerf to fire duration on Alaska and Azuma, new Test ships: Azuma, Neustrashimy, and Leone, Ranked Sprint, and the CV Rework state of readiness.

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    Episode 113: My God!! It's full of Steel!

    This week the regular crew is back as we talk about Kelorn's visit to WGNA HQ last week, the steel events for the new year, some new ships under testing and on the horizon, Tier 9 Ranked Arms Race, and the release of the CV Rework in 0.8.0.

    (Bonus points if you know what the title of this episode is paraphrasing!)

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    Episode 112: A visit to the WGNA Office to see an Old Friend and get a bombshell about Submarines!

    RadarX was kind enough to allow me to come by the WGNA office in Austin for a lengthy session of recordings with many of the Warships NA Staff. Hear from URL guy about some cool things about the webpage and his gratuitous additions to Warships lore. Tragicloss and Kami discuss the ins and outs of supporting the community of gamers that play World of Warships. Finally, RadarX and head of production Sasha talk about the year just past and what's to come for Warships in the NA region.

    Listen in for a few listener questions from twitter and a surprising announcement about the future of submarines!

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    Episode 111: Santa Crates and Clan Battles Season 4 with Strangers123

    Strangers123 from OMNI stops by the show to talk about the minutiae of Clan Battles generally and Season 4 in particular. Tune in to learn some new strats and ship strengths for your team.

    Santa crates are here! The podcast crew gives the rundown on what's available and what's worthwhile to get !

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    Episode 108: Warships Podcast After Dark

    In this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast Aerroon and Vanessaira go over some recent changes, news, and testing done in the World of Warships. Regretfully Kelorn is in Chicago for business and could not make the this weeks episode. This show also saw the return of Vanessaira who had recently moved and had been unable to make the previous shows.

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    Episode 107: Nerfs, Buffs, and Random Things

    Aerroon and Kelorn talk today about a slew of nerfs and buffs from the Dev blog, including Yue Yang, Secondaries, and IJN Cruisers/Destroyers. In addition, we talk about some further impressions on the test ships, Jean Bart for sale at Tier 9, and the 2nd season of Ranked Sprint!

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    Episode 106: Ranked Sprint, Battleship AP vs Destroyers, and Standardization

    Join Kelorn and Aerroon as we talk about the new Ranked Sprint mode, Battleship AP changes vs Destroyers, and the standardization of Concealment Expert and Hyrdroacoustic Search. We also give our first impressions of the test ships Wichita, Prinz Eitel Friderich, West Virginia '41, Dreadnought, and Vanguard.

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    Episode 105: Carrier Rework Testing with iChase!

    Hi listeners! For this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast, iChase joins with the podcast team as they soar into the new Carrier Re-Work test. Carriers in World of Warships are being overhauled from a system of control which was based around a Real Time Strategy (RTS) setup. To a new system, which is Action based Arcade Flight Sim like for aircraft group movement and combat.

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    Episode 104: Star Citizen and CitizenCon 2948

    Hi listeners! In this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast, the cast and crew gets some space! As the teams lifts off to talk about a different style of warships, the warships and universe of Star Citizen.

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    Episode 103: Playing with Submarines on PTS

    For this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast, the team goes over and discusses several news topics breaking for World of Warships. Not so sneaking in, is the topic of submarines and their latest addition to the game in the form of the Halloween Event. These events are often seen as a test bed for trying out new modes or new things in World of Warships. So as such, the cast spends time deliberating and speculating about the experience so far and possible game play if added to the main game modes.

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    Episode 101: Submarines, CV Rework, and New Ships Galore!

    Hi listeners! For this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast, the crew has many developing topics to go over board with. Major topics and developing news include the Carrier Rework and Submarines. As well as many new ships and changes to go over.

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    Episode 99: Ranked Season 10 with Strangers123

    Hi listeners! For this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast, we have special guest Stranger123. The Podcast crew interviews our guest about his experiences with the game and competitive events. The cast ask several questions before getting into the main topic for this show. A new Ranked Season is out and our show focuses on the ships and tactics that might be prevalent in the competitive meta. The show members go over each category of ship type; from destroyers, cruisers, battleships, and touch on carriers. Thank you to all our listeners and supporters. We very much look forward to having you again on the next Warships Podcast.

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    Episode 98: Patch 0.7.8 Releases and Changes on the Way

    Hi listeners. In this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast. The team goes over the 3rd Anniversary for World of Warships and some of the newest additions and changes with patch 0.7.8. The cast members discuss further changes to Ranked and Clan battles. VMF Stalingrad is released in her final form and opinions vary on her competitive state. New resources are being released in addition to the current resources available. New destroyers for the IJN are being released to finish out the alternative branch. Changes to the maps Islands of Ice and North have been shown on the Dev Blog, and speculation about their new state is discussed. Finishing out the show this week, the podcast team answers audience questions. Thank you to every who supports and listens to our show. We always look forward to having you again on the Warships Podcast!

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    Episode 97: New Ships on the Horizon! Jean Bart, Prinz Eitel Freirdrich, and more!

    Hi listeners! Welcome to another episode of the Warships Podcast. For this episode of the podcast the cast goes over several new ships including premiums and new additions to the ship lines and tech tree. Show members discuss the following ships: Tier 6 German Battleship Prinz Eitel Freidrich, Tier 9 French Battleship Jean Bart, Tiers 9 and 10 Japanese Destroyer Kitakaze & Harugamo, and the new British line of Destroyers. Rounding out the show the cast answers questions submitted from listeners with the topics ranging from match making to premium and line speculations. Thank you everyone for listening and supporting. We look forward to having you again on the next Warships Podcast.

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    Episode 96: The Wargaming EU German Twins Crysantos and Mr Conway Talk about the Warships Community!

    This week we welcome Crysantos and Mister Conway to the show, both of whom Aerroon and Kelorn had the pleasure of meeting in St Petersburg in April. We cover a whole range of topics, including the Ring Competition, the Global CC program and its impact for EU, Cross server matchmaking, the Arsenal and earning in game rewards, Rank 10 competitive modes, community toxicity, and more!

    Don't miss our first peek at USS Alaska!

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    Episode 95: Lord Zath and Vulgarr the Viking talk Clan Battles Season 3

    Lord Zath from -K- and Vulgarr the Viking join the podcast crew this week to talk about the ins and outs of Clan Battles Season 3. Tune in as we discuss meta comps, ships, and the future of Clan Battles. After that, we talk about the release of Boise and the current state of Stalingrad development. We round out the episode with more listener questions! Tune in to see if yours got asked!

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    Episode 92: Capt_Rye sails in to chat Kitakaze, Harugumo, and Neuve de Juilio!

    Hi listeners, for this episode of the Warships Podcast we have special guest Captain Rye. Fellow Wargaming Community Contributor for World of Warships who promotes his content via Youtube and Twitch. He joins us as we discuss a host of new ships, Patch 0.7.7 controversies and Night mode!

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    Episode 90: Warships is Coming to Console and the Dev QnA

    Hi listeners! In this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast, the cast team goes over several major announcements and informational releases put out by Wargaming. These major pieces of news being the Community Contributor Q&A session, and the announcement about World of Warships coming to gaming consoles.

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    Episode 89: Then he said Legendary Upgrades must exist, and it was so.

    Kelorn, Aerroon, and Vanessa discuss three revised Test ships, HMCS Haida (in the guise of HMS Cossack), USS Salem, and USS Massachusetts. Not content with just that, the podcast crew tackles the huge new content of Legendary Upgrades, giving the stats for each Tier X's legendary upgrade and how each ship will be affected. This week closes out with a discussion of the coming changes to Zao and Gearing, as well as a quick wrap up of Ranked Season 9.

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    Episode 88: Sayonara Kamisamurai-san! Hajime mashite Aerroon-san!

    Hi Listeners! For this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast, we have a bittersweet one. This is the final episode for KamiSamurai who is leaving the podcast to go work for Wargaming North America in Austin, TX. There are many goodbyes from fellow Community Contributors and Kami took a moment to reflect on his time on the show. The show introduces Aerroon, who is now officially a full time crew member of the Podcast and will help the team going forward.

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    Episode 87: NoZoupForYou talks USN Cruiser split, Russian Battlecruisers, and RIP Sirrsb79

    NoZoupForYou joins the podcast crew to talk about how the USN Cruiser split will work, the changes to Indianapolis and Boise, the final version of Kronshtadt, the Stalingrad identity crisis, and the Premium Captains for sale in the shop controversy.

    We start out with some announcements wishing the best for Sirrsb79's family, who our new co-host will be, and a CC Crate and Camo contest.

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    Episode 85: KotS Six EU, Kronshtadt v2, Stalingrad, and USN Light Cruiser First Impressions

    This week Mister Conway from Wargaming EU in Paris, as well as Domin1c and Eclaire from King of the Seas join us to discuss the upcoming King of the Seas Six Tournament in the EU Region. Kami gives us a rundown of the KotS NA tournament and the upcoming finals this weekend, that he's going to Austin to broadcast!

    After that, we dig into the new test ships we've been given, starting with the updated Kronshtadt, our first look at Stalingrad, then segueing into the full USN Light Cruiser line. We finish up the day talking about the revised USS Massachusetts and if just being different is good enough.

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    Episode 84: Sho from World of Warships Japan talks Collaborations and USS Worcester/Monaghan

    This week we have a special guest all the way from World of Warships Japan, Sho, who is the lead community team member in charge of all of World of Warships Collaborations. He tells us about how collaborations got started with Arpeggio of Blue Steel, moved on to High School Fleet, and the upcoming Azur Lane. He also gives us insight into the SEA/APAC server.

    Afterwards, the podcast crew discusses the important topics of the week, including our first impressions of USS Worcester and USS Monaghan, as well as the updates to USN Cruisers and the first week of Ranked Season 9.

    Stay tuned next week as the EU King of the Seas folks are coming by to tell us about their upcoming tournament!

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    Episode 81: A Wave of Re-balancing?

    Hi listeners! Welcome back to another episode of the Warships Podcast. For this episode the crew covers a plethora of new topics and changes as well as some new test ships the cast has been working on. Please keep in mind that test ships and adjustments to live ships are subject to change and were provided by Wargaming as such, to evaluate, test, and discuss for you the community.

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    Episode 80: Kronstadt, Buffalo, and so much more!

    Hi listeners! Welcome back to another episode of the Warships Podcast. In this weeks episode we have a lighter episode focusing on some of the new and upcoming ships that the team is testing. These ships are the VMF Kronshtadt, USS Buffalo, KMS Z-39, RM Duca Degli Abruzzi, and HIJMS Asashio.

    With no guest this week the crew gets straight into these ships, covering the Kronshtadt and Buffalo first. Comparing and contrasting these ships to analogous counterparts in game as well as discussing the gameplay so far with them. Sailing on to the Z-39, the crew talks destroyers where the major change was the drop from Tier 8 to 7. Finishing out the ship discussion with the premiums Abruzzi and Asahio. Each cast member gives their thoughts and opinions as these two ships appear to reaching or close to their final release state. Please remember, all these ships are subject to change.

    Thank you everyone for listening and its a great pleasure to have your support for this show. See you next cast!

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    Episode 79: The Italian Cup

    This week SupportTank and DaniExpert from the Italian Cup tournament sit down to tell us about how the Italian-only team tournament works. Kami and Kelorn are curious about their method of map selection and wonder what it might mean to be able to choose the map and team composition accordingly. Kelorn gives this week's quick hits, including the upcoming perma-space camos, an update to pan-asian and commonwealth flags, and an update to the test version of Abruzzi.

    Getting into the details, Kelorn, Kami, and Dani talk about the recently released details regarding the down-tiered USN Heavy cruisers. They speculate about the effects of the concealment nerf to the lower tier ships and wonder how Pensacola will do at Tier 6. After having a couple of weeks playing them, the crew discusses what captain builds and upgrades are being used on the French Battleships, particularly at high tier.

    The podcast gets rounded off with a teaser for next week's giveaway, as well as a discussion about downtiering Z-39 from Tier 8 to Tier 7.

    Don't forget to join us on Impact Discord at:

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    Episode 78: So Long and Thanks for All the Fish with Trevzor from WGNA

    The podcast host a bittersweet episode with Trevzor's final time as a guest. He talks about how he joined Wargaming NA and the good and not-so-good times he had. Afterwards, we announce the winner of the Gascogne contest and open a new contest for 5k Dubloons from the winner _greifer! We round out the episode with a discussion on the AP change and what's coming in Patch 0.7.3.

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    Episode 77: Wargaming's RadarX shares his Vision for NA Community Team

    In this weeks episode of the Warship Podcast, we have one of Wargaming newer additions to its staff, RadarX, who recently joined the Wargaming North America staff ventures on to the show to give us his views on World of Warships. The cast interviews Radar and gets up to speed with the new Senior Community Manager. Radar tells the show about his previous work experiences and how he got to Wargaming. He continues the interview by laying out some of his plans and ideas for how he can improve the North American side of the Warships Community.

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    Episode 75: Yuzral, First Herald of the A-poi-calypse

    This week, EU Youtuber Yuzral rejoins us for some in-depth discussion about Asashio, Graf Zeppelin, the changes to the Northern Lights map, and some speculation about other tiers of Clan Battles. Special bonus topic on if the Royal Navy will get its deserved Aircraft Carrier line!

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    Episode 74: Izolate talks King of the Seas Finals and What Makes a Premium?

    Izolate joins us as a Community Contributor from the EU region to talk about his recent stint broadcasting the King of the Seas finals with Flamu from the Wargaming EU office in Paris. After that we get in depth talking about three work in progress Premium ships, all of which have had recent changes: Gascogne, Graf Zeppelin, and Asashio.

    We move on with some quick hits about the upcoming PTS Patch 0.7.2 and finish the podcast this week with a discussion on What Makes a Premium and what should a premium be?

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    Episode 73: Aerroon returns to talk Monaghan, Asashio, Gascogne, and Clan Battles

    Hi listeners! For this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast, we have the return of EU Contributor Aerroon. Normally the podcast would have Aerroon on for a pre Ranked Season break down, however this time he is joining us for post Ranked results. We also talk in depth about the new premium ships we've been testing, break down some new previews from the dev blog, and cover the upcoming clan battles season!

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    Episode 72: Notser talks French Battleships with the Podcast!

    Wargaming dropped all eight of the new French Battleships on the podcast and Notser joins us to talk in depth about each battleship's strengths and weaknesses. We wrap up with a look back comparison of the French BBs to the Royal Navy Battleships.

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    Episode 71: Pigeon of War talks Enterprise, Gascogne, Cossack, Aigle, and WG Seekrits

    In this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast. Pigeon of War lands on deck to give us his background and insight working at Wargaming and opinions on some of the latest content coming out. Following that, we talk about the state of premium carriers, the upcoming French Battleship Gascogne, Royal Navy destroyer Cossack, and French Destroyer Aigle.

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    Episode 70: King of the Seas talks Battle of the Atlantic

    This week we have two new guests: Domin1c and Eclaire from the EU Community come aboard to tell us about the new King of the Sea / Supremacy League Battle of the Atlantic Tournament. In addition, the podcast crew hits on the subjects of Musashi, Roma, Patch 0.7.0, and Ranked!

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    Episode 69: 2018 comes in with... a Musashi?

    Kelorn and Kamisamurai kick off the new year talking about Musashi, the holiday campaigns, Patch 0.7.0, King of the Sea/Supremacy League, and the salty seas of Ranked so far.

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    Episode 67: Retrospectus 2017 Roundtable with NA CC's

    Hi Listeners! For this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast we are doing are Part 1 of the year end review round table. With this weeks episode we have guest joining us in a round table discussion which include, Vulgarr, Mejash, and NoZoupForYou. They help us breakdown, debate and discuss numerous topics that have been forefront and center of Wargaming and World of Warships this year.

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    Episode 66: Roma, Duke of York, Salem, Aigle, and... BattleshipMaine?

    Hi listeners! In this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast, we have special guest Battleship Maine. He has helped to foster and expand our community by making the World of Warships NA Discord server. We also discuss four new test ships and our experiences in them!

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    Episode 65: Carrier Week 2 of 2! Femennenly gives us another perspective on CVs!

    Hi Listeners! In this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast, we continue with more carrier talk with special guest Femennenly. Kelorn and Fem talk about their experiences from the recent Lets Battle Tour at USS Lexington. The cast discusses the new CV changes with the USN carriers, going ship by ship and gathering the opinions of each.

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    Episode 63: A Plethora of New Ships!

    We are back for another episode of the Warships Podcast and we have plenty of topics to cover. From the Let's Battle Tour wrap-up to three new premium ships, this week's episode is jam packed with info!

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    Episode 62: USN Cruiser Split!?

    Hi listeners! In this weeks episode, we get our KamiSamurai back and a surprise announcement about the future USN Cruiser line split. Before getting into our show topics, the cast goes over the photo submissions and we choose a winner for the USS New Jersey contest. Thank you everyone for your entries and we hope to do another cool contest like this again.

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    Episode 61: Win a Piece of USS New Jersey

    For Episode 61 of the Warships Podcast we have two guest joining us for the show. Fellow NA Community Contributor Vulgarr and also joining us, is one of our listeners and Patreon backer Dj Hallama who is providing a special prize for a competition: a piece of USS New Jersey's deck.

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    Episode 60: A Crazy Week of New Info with iEarlGrey

    Hi listeners! In Episode 60 of the Warships Podcast, we sit down and have some afternoon tea with iEarlGrey. Who joins us after taking some time off from the game, but is now back and playing World of Warships again.

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    Episode 59: NoZoup and the Conqueror are the Controversy of the Week

    In this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast, No Zoup joins us again to talk about recent controversies. The crew gets into the various topics and discusses some recent testing with Graf Zeppelin and Deep Water Torpedoes, as well as speculation with Pan Asian Destroyers. Changes and talk about Smoke Meta, nerfs to ships like HMS Conqueror occupy our show. We round things off with a contest announcement!

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    Episode 58: WGA Trevzor returns to talk Reshade

    Hi listeners, welcome to another episode of Warships Podcast. For this show we are joined once again by the one and only Trevzor (aka Friend of the Podcast ;D) who graciously came on the show last minute to cover a recent hot issue regarding the temporary ban of players using ReShade.

    A recent update has made a mod such as ReShade trigger Wargaming's anti cheat system and players have been giving feedback and discussing modifications in World of Warships. Trevzor took the opportunity to come join us and talk about this subject, as well as address some of the concerns or issues people have. While talking on the subject of modifications, the cast touched on other mods like Angle mod, as well as the Running Lights and debated the uses in competitive settings.

    Covering other show topics the cast discussed some of the new ships they have been testing, and these include the Guilio Cesare, and Huang He. The crew goes into details of their testing and give opinions on whether the ships are in their current state worthy of purchase and fun to play. The Russian Battleship October Revolution is mentioned, as a new mission set is now available to participate and/or purchase similar to how the Graf Spee event was.

    Finishing out this week show. The cast talks about the Supremacy League and the upcoming match ups as well as streaming schedule of those matches which will be live to watch. Thank you again to all of our amazing listeners and backers. Look forward to you listening to our next cast!

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    Episode 57: What in the Clan Battles is going on in here?

    Hi listeners, for this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast we discuss Clan Battles! Finally after waiting all this time World of Warships gets the highly anticipated clan competitive mode that has been long sought after by its player base. The cast breaks this topic down and discusses what is currently known and also speculates as to what might be with this new competitive mode.

    Getting started on the Clan Battles topic the cast jumps into the controversial issues, beginning with the exclusion of the Carrier class from Clan Battles Season 1. This has drawn widespread criticism and praise from supporters and opponents alike. The podcast crew gives their opinions as well as echo and discuss some of those from other Warship Community members. With the limits to CV's, the cast touches on the other limits and that is that one team will only be able to bring up to 1 Battleship per. Great discussion and debate follows and Clan Battle's Meta is also brought up.

    While on the subject of Battleships, the cast moves to discuss BB meta and what ships will most likely be viable in this new competitive setting. All the BB's are hashed out with the strengths and weaknesses they bring and how they will stack in a Cruiser heavy meta. With the ship type of Cruisers the cast shifts into what will most likely be the prominent class seen and breaks down what they feel might be the viable Cruiser options to be played in the meta. Last class in this topic is Destroyers and the crew expands on the Cruiser meta and how DD's will play a role in it and how a Destroyer will have to play with the excess amounts of radar, hydro, and other non Anti Air abilities that Cruisers will now be free to load up with out the presences of CV's.

    Regretfully with time constraints the crew was not able to touch on two new ships we have been testing but will get to that topic in the next cast. Thank you everyone for listening and look forward to having you next time on the Warships Podcast!

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    Episode 56: A Crazy Week of Updates!

    Hi listeners! Welcome back to everyone and sorry for not having a show last week. Multiple members of the crew have been sick and has taken a toll on our ability to deliver content, however we are back! With much to discuss, the cast get to sailing with the plethora of topics starting with HIJMS Musashi. We speculate and go into the possibilities for the ship and what it could be if its Tier 9 or 10. After our speculation the crew reflects on just how much the game has changed as well as all the content that has been added just in this year alone. With all the new ships and ship lines, plus the Co Op and Clan Port/Battles, Wargaming has not stopped to take a break and it does not look like they are slowing down anytime soon. An exciting time to be a Warships fan.

    Cruising right along, the cast gets into topics, discussion, and debate involving AP damage from Battleships versus Destroyers. This topic brings up game play and a healthy debate about game balance, as the cast gives their views and feelings on it. The crew touches on the new testing phase for KMS Graf Zeppelin noting GZ Test I and II and some of the changing being rolled out for testing. More to come with this ship, so keep a look out for it. While talking on the subject of changes, the podcast crew gets into the new patch which brought about the Clan Port but noted that the smoke changes did not go through. Wargaming is still working on this so we will have to keep an eye on the test server as these things are always subject to change with Wargaming.

    The topic of clans and the new port is continued, with the cast debating and discussing clan structure, the new resource system for clan and overall clan balance. While on organized play we talk about the lastest news from Supremacy League and ending on a serious note. Ship Comrade has suffered greatly due to Hurricane Irma passing through Florida. He really needs all of our help, and if you can please help him in anyway you can. Thank you!

  67. Thumb 1504805743 artwork
  68. Thumb 1504207978 artwork

    Episode 54: Kim Jong Kami Returns to America!

    Hi listeners! For this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast we have our glorious leader, KamiSamurai returning from his Korean tour. Kami gives us the run down of his trip to his ancestral homeland and oh yeah NoZoup! NoZoupForYou joins us for this weeks episode as well, and the cast takes a moment to reflect on trips abroad.

    Moving into our main show topics for this week, the cast gets into the red hot Graf Zeppelin incident. Where Kami and Zoup get to give their take and input on the situation. Kelorn and Vanessaira reflect on the aftermath and give perspective to what transpired, and positive steps going forward. The cast members and Zoup talk about being Community Contributors (CC), the CC program, being critical of Wargaming, and the incident between Wargaming and iChase as we bring the subject to a close.

    Getting on the topic of new game changes and additions, the podcast talks about one of two new premium Italian Battleships that are set to come out this year. RN Giulio Cesare a tier 5 Italian Battleship is an exciting new development to the other stated Italian Battleship (Still confirmed for 2017 release by Devs) RN Roma. Kelorn ask Vanessaira about her excitement for more Italian Flavor being added to the game but Zoup spoils it, by going on about battleship over population. The cast continues the discussion about the new changes being tested, talked about, and being implemented with regard to IFHE, Radar, and Smoke Firing changes.

    Before wrapping up the show, Zoup had to cut his visit short but left us some closing thoughts and the rest of the cast reflected on Wargaming recent openness on their Dev Blog. Giving the community more information and being up front about changes being tested as well as possible ideas to fix issues with the game.

    Thank you everyone for listening as well as supporting this show, and we hope you will join us for the next cast!

  69. Thumb 1503674895 artwork

    Episode 53: Yuzral and the Tragedy of the Graf Zeppelin

    Hi listeners! In for this weeks episode of the World of Warships Podcast. We invited Wargaming EU Community Contributor and YouTuber Yuzral, to give us some Euro prospective on recent game events and news. Kelorn leads the interview and ask Yuzral how he got into creating online content about gaming and doing Wargaming products. Yuzral talks about getting into World of Tanks, and a competing tank game as well as doing much content for the Star Trek Online MMO.

    After the interview we jump right into our topics, which starts with the KMS Graf Zeppelin. An anticipated ship that has seen many changes during testing and which has, (as of the recording of this podcast) just been released to the public for sale. The cast gives their critique of this decision and give further thoughts and opinions about the ship and what it might need to be competitive and worthy of being the German carrier. While on the topic of German ships we touch on SMS König Albert and its imminent removal from the game as Wargaming considers the ship too overpowered. We go over stats and draw comparisons to Imperator Nikolai another premium ship which was removed after being deemed way too powerful for sale.

    Moving on to our other topics of discussion we bring up the Royal Navy, their battleships as well as heavy cruisers and discuss how the RN envisioned and used their naval assets. HMS Nelson has been released and the cast discusses the ship as well as their opinions on it and RN Battleships in general. We continue the show by talking about the new missions, challenging hard mode like challenges, new content, and the Yamamoto Campaign. A discussion is had about the Challenges difficulty and comparisons to the level of difficulty that the EU region gets in contrast to the other regions.

    We finish up our show with talk of a historical mode that many of the Wargaming Community Contributors have been testing. This has been a ton of fun and we hope that some intrepid mod maker out there could help assist with what LittleWhiteMouse has been spear heading and envisioning for a nice alternative to other game modes present in World of Warships. If you are an UI Moder and able to help please check out LitttleWhiteMouse's post on Reddit and the Forums about this.

    Thank you for listening and see you next cast!

  70. Thumb 1503018995 artwork

    Episode 52: Notser washes up on the Podcast shores

    Hi listeners! In today's episode of the podcast we make like a beach as to see Notser run aground! Notser once again joins us for another exciting episode as we talk about the new World of Warships Blitz, Royal Navy Battleships, Ranked Season wrap up, Kii, and the New Pan Asian Destroyer line.

    Kelorn starts off interviewing Notser checking up with his amazing pace of content and getting his break down and opinion on WoWS Blitz for mobile devices. Notser sets expectations of what a player might see and gain from playing the mobile version and future status of that game line, production schedule, game state and play ability.

    We move into the main show topic with a great discussion on Royal Navy Battleships and what they bring to the game so far. Kami and Notser give their opinions and experiences from recent play and set the picture for what players might expect should no major changes occur. Vanessaira recount more experiences and the show debates the play style of the battleships. The Cast goes into details about the concealment and gun calibers changes through the tiers as well as differences from play style of other line battleships. The Tier 8 Battlehship HMS Monarch is brought up with regard to competitive play and we debate the possibilities giving its advantages and weaknesses. Other battleships are again discussed including HMS Warspite, HMS Queen Elizabeth, as the sister ships are different, as well as the play style of HMS King George the V. Drawing similarities to the Scharnhorst, KGV users need to utilize different shell ammunition types and the Cast talks about how to use this to a players advantage.

    Another battleship that was added to our topics was the new Imperial Japanese Navy Battleship. HIJMS Kii, a tier 8 battleship that will be similar to HIJMS Amagi but more dispersion, better AA, and torpedoes! While on the subject of IJN, the cast talk's about the Yamamoto Campaign and what challenges will be present in trying to complete it.

    Wrapping up our show, we discuss the newly announced Pan Asian destroyer line. This line is said to be testing a new type of torpedo for the game that would run deep, and not be able to hit destroyers or light cruisers. There is a great debate on the show and destroyer players Vanessaira and Notser give their take on the state of torpedoes and meta for current destroyer gameplay. Thank you very much for listening and check us out next week for another exciting episode!

  71. Thumb 1502649666 artwork

    Episode 51: The Mighty Jingles goes in depth on Royal Navy Battleships (WIP)

    Join the podcast crew and special guest The Mighty Jingles as they go tier by tier of the new Royal Navy Battleships (still a work in progress), from the Bellerophon to the Conqueror. Along the way, they discuss the tier VII premium HMS Nelson. Don't miss this first look at the next line to be added to World of Warships.

  72. Thumb 1501966955 artwork

    Episode 50: Supremacy League

    Hi listeners! In this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast we have joining us from the Supremacy League. Vas79, Cael, & Sterling. Regretfully Vas had microphone issues and we had to use chat and have his colleagues speak for him. Introductions proceed and the guest crew talks about how they came about forming what is now known as Supremacy League from their days and experience with another game, Mech Warrior Online (MWO). Discussion is had about Wargaming's attempts at both Team Battles and Ranked and our guest state their reasoning for hosting SL and continues plans even after Wargaming's Clan Wars comes out.

    Moving further into the major topic for the show. The cast talks about the difficulties for administrating such a large endeavor and the many issues with trying to come up with fare, competitive, but entertaining balance rule sets for the seasons. They bring up issues like the current smoke meta and quality of life for carrier players and how the SL team has been trying to formulate and normalize a better rule set to make game play better. The guest crew goes over a few ideas including the idea of a point system with point break downs for each ship, as well as a possibility of allowing Tier 9 Carriers for CV players. The SL team expands on the current frustrations for CV players, competing in the Supremacy League.

    The cast ask our guest crew why Tier 8 is the competing tier for SL and they go over the strengths and weaknesses for that option as it relates in a competitive environment. A debate is had on the differences between Tier 8, 9, and 10 as well as a continued discussion on what other competitive leagues have done like King of the Sea and Fight Night for example. Tier 9 is brought up and further debated as a possibility and discussed further.

    We round out the show with talk of Royal Navy Battleships and the line that will hopefully be released soon. HMS Nelson is discussed and confirmation that it will be unlocked via Free XP per Sub Octavian. Before closing, the guest crew talks about the upcoming Season 5 for SL and it's scheduling, roster sizes, and tiering. Thank you everyone for listening and support for this cast!

  73. Thumb 1501186955 artwork

    Episode 49: The Smoke Changes Aren't Real

    Hi listeners, we get underway on episode 49 with recapping the events of last week for KamiSamurai and Kelorn's trip to Wargaming NA . They had a great time and touched on some of the great moments the two had while visiting the Wargaming Office and USS Hornet. Both joked about meeting in person for the first time and all the silliness that was had while doing Warships Live. If you missed them on Warships Live, you can go on Facebook and watch the replay of the video and see all the awful flavored soda's that the team was subjected to.

    Getting into show topics, we discuss the hot topic issue regarding the recently leaked super test information about potential upcoming smoke changes and Wargamings official statement about the issue. The cast debates the issues of super testing, and community reaction to changes while also making commentary on the needs for Wargaming to have an environment and/or testing vehicle to promote change to the game. Moving on, we talk about one of the newest ships we are testing and previewing. The KMS Graf Zeppelin, which is a new Premium German Carrier slated at Tier 8. This ship was provided to us by Wargaming for testing and previewing purposes and is subject to change. With this each cast member gives their opinion about this ship, and we also break down some of the major points of interest for GZ. Plus we touch on any issues players might be facing when using or playing against the carrier. The topic of carrier competitiveness at Tier 8 is brought up and the cast discusses which CVs might have potential and where Graf Zeppelin might stand with them. Rounding out our show topics the cast discuss the new 0.6.9 Player Test Server patch that is now available for testing. One of the big new game additions is the new campaign to add the famed IJN Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. This campaign is a permanent campaign similar to the other two available and will allow players to go at their own pace to finish out the achievements to earn this historic commander. Yamamoto comes with special abilities for earning First Blood and Kraken and each member of the cast debates the nature, viability, and whether abilities like this should be in the game. There are also nice benefits to finishing the campaign that allows players to change basic camouflage paint schemes as well as adds a second cosmetic flag to the mix. With this we end the show talking briefly about the operations, campaigns, and the Dunkirk missions noting how nice it is to see so much content that has been added recently outside of random battles.

    Thank you everyone for listening and see you next cast!

  74. Thumb 1500650958 artwork

    Episode 48: Torpillow Madness at Wargaming America

    PSA: Our apologies in advance for the audio quality this week, we were all in one room!

    Hi Listeners! In our anniversary episode of the Warships Podcast KamiSamurai and Kelorn got the opportunity to travel to Wargaming Headquarters North America for a special visit to see what awesome things Wargaming has been doing with World of Warships. (Regretfully Vanessaira just recently had surgery to remove her gallbladder and could attend :/ but joined in online, Sorry) The crew got to do some amazing things including visiting the USS Hornet while there in San Francisco. Trevzor joins the cast for this episode and the appearance of the infamous TorPillow was once again, a great topic of discussion.

    Getting into show topics, Kelorn asks Trevzor about some of the new content we have been seeing including Operations Dynamo. Trevzor talks about the excitement behind it as well as the thirst for new content from a community that is always looking for more from Wargaming. Kelorn then asks Trevzor about the Super Testing program and what that entails per se. Trevzor breaks down what Super Testers do and how they impact and help shape Wargaming products. KamiSamurai also took the opportunity to talk about his experience while being a Super Tester and recall some of the good and bad times from program. While moving to a similar subject Trevzor then talks about Community Contributors and contrast the differences between the two programs. Hopefully clearing up some questions that many people often have when comparing the two groups.

    Continuing with show topics, Trevzor is asked about this recent trip to the Let's Battle Tour that was held up in Minnesota. Trevzor talks about challenges of holding an event like this, but wanted to stress how much he really enjoyed it. Kelorn is excited for he will be attending the next event being held at the USS Lexington down at Corpus Christi, TX. If you are able to attend a Let's Battle Tour event, please do.

    Wrapping up this episode, the cast host a questions and answers session for Trevzor that our listeners submitted. We want to thank everyone for listening and supporting the game, community, and the show for the last year. Here is to looking forward to many more anniversaries to come!

  75. Thumb 1499971736 artwork

    Episode 47: The Podcast is Going to Wargaming HQ Next Week!

    We open with a huge announcement that Kelorn and KamiSamurai will be heading to Wargaming HQ in California for next week's episode. Be sure to get your questions in on the appropriate Forum and Reddit posts, or by contacting the Podcast by any other medium. Vanessa re-joins us this week to discuss Trident, Neighbors, and Riposte map strategies for Ranked. She also give us the run down of what is and isn't working for her. We finish up this week's discussion with a preview of the Russian Battleship Oktyabraskaya Revolutsiya, aka Gangut and a look back at the addition of Operations in World of Warships.

  76. Thumb 1499362850 artwork

    Episode 46: Izolate talks Patch 0.6.8 Test and What Doesn't Work in Ranked

    Izolate stops by from Sweden to talk with Kelorn and KamiSamurai. After the first week of Ranked Season 7, we talk about what we've seen that is and isn't working as well as map specific tactics. We talk a little about the upcoming High School Fleet release, then finish the episode discussing the upcoming changes now live on the 0.6.8 Public Test Server.

  77. Thumb 1498772502 artwork

    Episode 45: Eurobeat tells us how to Torpedo beat and the Final Version of USS Enterprise is ready!

    Greetings listeners! In this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast, we crank up our epic sounds systems to full, as we jam to the likes of Yuro'Beat! Famous YouTuber and comedic World of Warships entertainer. Kelorn interviews Yuro beginning with how he got his start into creating his totally awesome YouTube content, and his love for the anime series Initial D. The cast continues the interview talking about cars, music, and how Yuro has almost single handedly been reviving the Eurobeat music genre. We bring up some differences between the SEA and NA servers and the communications barriers that exist, as well as talking about how communications effect things like Ranked game play. The cast also inquires about the importance of content like that of ARP and High School Fleet, and what that means to the SEA region for its player base.

    While getting into the heart of our show topics we quickly ask Yuro for his picks for the upcoming Ranked Season. He breaks down what he might use and talks about his outlook of this next season and Ranked in general. We discuss the HIJMS Kaga and USS Enterprise (CV6), as the new carriers on the block, the game play that these carriers bring, and impact they have been having on the game. The cast also gets into all the changes that Enterprise has received and what this ship is going to look like in its final form.

    Continuing on the topic of Enterprise, the cast brings up the prospects of competitive play in places like Supremacy League. How might she fare and will teams use this ship? Yuro speculates on KMS Graf Zeppelin another carrier that will most likely join the Tier 8 line up Soon™, as well as speculation on the High School Fleet Event and when that might hit the NA servers. The cast talks about HSF Harekaze. A Tier 8 destroyer which is an incredibly fun ship play and is one that brings a great set of options to Tier 8 destroyer gameplay.

    We round out the show talking about changes to this upcoming Ranked Season. Changes have been made in the rewards per rank, and the cast discusses the likes and dislikes of the system. Yuro proposes an awesome idea to change up the rewards a bit and we agree that the developers should take note. :smile: Thank you everyone for listening and see you next time!

  78. Thumb 1498160544 artwork

    Episode 44: TX141 tells us how and why he Ranked out in a Pensacola in Season 6

    For this weeks episode of the podcast we have a post Ranked Season 6 interview with TX141TX. Who did an amazing YouTube video of himself grinding out the entire Ranked Season in none other then the USS Pensacola. A ship which many consider is horrible and is vastly unpopular. The video showcases highlights from each match where he gained a Rank Star, parring it up with an awesome set of music along the way. Check out his video if you have not already, as it is a great inspirational and well crafted YouTube piece in of itself.

    After the interview we discuss the merits and challenge our line of thinking with ships that we often dismiss and overlook. We bring up some examples form each caster as the crew goes through what strengths that ship might be able to bring to this coming Ranked Season, and from that. The cast tries to speculate and formulate potential scenarios to maximize those strengths like TX141 did.

    Thank you everyone for listening!!! Stay tuned in with your best sound system as we have more guest torpedo beating their way to the show...

  79. Thumb 1497573836 artwork

    Episode 43: Enterprise AP Bombs, Server Clash II, Aerrooooooooooooon, and Ranked Season 7

    The podcast crew continues the tradition of bringing Aerroon back to the show to discuss the ins and outs of each ship for the upcoming Tier 6 Ranked Season. Join us as we go through the extensive list of premium and non-premium Tier 6 ships and decide which ones are more viable than others. Kami is excited to announce he'll be streaming the NA vs EU Server Clash this weekend, check the full description for links. Before we get to all of that, we talk about the addition of AP bombs to USS Enterprise and how they'll affect the Tier 8 premium carrier and the USN CV line in general.

  80. Thumb 1496966396 artwork

    Episode 42: Enterprise, High School Fleet, and ... Zoup?!?

    Hi Listeners! For Episode 42 of the Warships Podcast we have NoZoup returning for his 3rd stint on the show to talk about the many new surprises that has recently hit the World of Warships. Kelorn checks up on fellow Community Contributor Zoup and how he has been doing recently with his YouTube channel. Congratulations on 10k subscriptions Zoup, as that is an incredible milestone! The cast discusses one of his recent videos, a satire on the destroyer class in the game. Which is brilliant, well done, and put together. Kelorn also takes a moment to make a quick comment about the show host's formation of a new Clan/Fleet, (-I-) Impact. Headed up by KamiSamurai himself. We chose to leave OPG (OverPowereredGaming) on amicable terms, to set out on a new course for ourselves and our fleet.

    We get into the main body of show topics with the news and testing of several new ship. As of the day of this shows recording. All four of the show's members and guest, as well as other NA Community Contributors, have the opportunity to now test USS Enterprise, HMS Gallant, HSF Graf Spee, and HSF Harekaze. We talk about each of these ships going over what our initial impressions are for the new ships. Please keep in mind that any stats, abilities, and issues with these ships are subject to change as they are in testing and are considered a work in progress.

    We start with the Enterprise and break down the play style and our thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses so far. Discussing potential for Ranked and Competitive play and overall viability that this ship brings. We do the same for Gallant focusing on what the ships play style is and how it is possibly a meta changer. The implications for Ranked play could be massive and is this possibly a sign of things to come with the future Royal Navy Destroyer line???

    Along the lines of destroyers we talk about the introduction of two new ships coming to the game. The collaboration with the High School Fleet anime show has brought about two of the shows star ships. HSF Harekaze and HSF Graf Spee. The Graf Spee is mostly a mirror of the existing in game counterpart however Harekaze is unique Tier 8 fictional Kagero class, in that she has the ability to upgrade her hull and guns in game similarly as to how she did in several episode of the anime show. This gives players many options and the cast discusses this fun ship and how great of a hybrid ship she can be. Kelorn, Kami, and Zoup speculate on how these ships might be obtained and a very interesting idea is brought up on how they could be obtained that we really hope Wargaming is working on and/or considering close as these are fantastic ideas.

    We close out the podcast with a discussion on the newly release/revealed images and line up of Royal Navy Battleships. The cast talks about the ships seen so far. HMS Conqueror the Tier 10, HMS Lion Tier 9, HMS King George the 5th and HMS Nelson which tiers are still ambiguous at the moment of this podcast. Going over some of the information known to us we talk about gun battery potential, speed, armor, and other points of interest to these ships, and how they might fare to their contemporaries.

    Thank you all for listening and supporting us! See you next cast!!!

  81. Thumb 1496340376 artwork

    Episode 41: Arlios comes to visit and talk Kidd, Kaga, and Tier 6 Ranked!

    Arlios visits the podcast to talk about his amazing Youtube videos and his perspective on World of Warships. Vanessa gives us some new insight into her experience with the USS Kidd and the podcast crew talks about the upcoming NA release of IJN Kaga. The participation levels and number of battleships for the Hunt the Bismarck campaign are of interest to us as a group and we hope that more events like it are upcoming. Finally, we get in depth about what ships are out there for a potential upcoming Tier 6 Ranked season and what the meta might look like!

  82. Thumb 1495746585 artwork

    Episode 40: Win an HMS HOOD with Trevzor from WG NA!

    Hi Listeners! Swinging by to celebrate our 40th podcast show, we have Trevzor from WGNA. Kelorn opens the show with some questions for for Trevzor regarding the new 6.6 patch coming up and some cool things to expect from this patch. Including a new and improved Ultra Sound Settings option that I'm sure will test many of our listeners killer sound systems. Trevzor talks about the new PVE modes coming to the game and the excitement for a new mode in World of Warships. Kelorn brings up the change to allow any torpedoes being launched to continue and persist in deployment of the spread even if the players ship has been destroyed during the process. The cast discuss the potential game play changes that may occur as a result of this.

    The show continues to discuss the new patch with on going changes to the KMS Hindenburg Heavy Cruiser. This cruiser will receive buffs to its armor against high explosives and to its own high explosives ordnance. A discussion on the Hindenburg's play style is brought up as well as high tier cruiser game play with regards to cruisers like VMF Moskva and Henri IV. HIJMS Yugumo is getting a buff to its torpedoes and the cast discusses the changes that should help the quality of life for that destroyer.

    The last section of our patch discussion, we talk about the changes to the USS Iowa, USS Missouri, and USS Montana's citadel location. These are quality of life changes that should help with the protection of these ships and the cast discusses high tier USN BB game play. How it will and/or maybe not be effected, as well as the overall issues of transitioning from low tier USN Battleships to the higher tier.

    The cast rounds the show out with talk of the USS Enterprise and what this is going to mean for the World of Warships as a game and as a community. The excitement for this ship is incredible and Trevzor shares a funny story about fellow WGNA employee Pigeon of War. We also talk about the charity work for Project Valor that Wargaming is aiding in, as well as discussion about this years set of Lets Battle Tours. If you have never been to a Lets Battle Tour, you should really consider going because they are absolutely amazing. Thank you all for listening, see you next time!Hi Listeners! Swinging by to celebrate our 40th podcast show, we have Trevzor from WGNA. Kelorn opens the show with some questions for for Trevzos regarding the new 6.6 patch coming up and some cool things to expect from this patch. Including a new and improved Ultra Sound Settings option that I'm sure will test many of our listeners killer sound systems. Trevzor talks about the new PVE modes coming to the game and the excitement for a new mode in World of Warships. Kelorn brings up the change to allow any torpedoes being launched to continue and persist in deployment of the spread even if the players ship has been destroyed during the process. The cast discuss the potential game play changes that may occur as a result of this.

    The show continues to discuss the new patch with on going changes to the KMS Hindenburg Heavy Cruiser. This cruiser will receive buffs to its armor against high explosives and to its own high explosives ordnance. A discussion on the Hindenburg's play style is brought up as well as high tier cruiser game play with regards to cruisers like VMF Moskva and Henri IV. HIJMS Yugumo is getting a buff to its torpedoes and the cast discusses the changes that should help the quality of life for that destroyer.

    The last section of our patch discussion, we talk about the changes to the USS Iowa, USS Missouri, and USS Montana's citadel location. These are quality of life changes that should help with the protection of these ships and the cast discusses high tier USN BB game play. How it will and/or maybe not be effected, as well as the overall issues of transitioning from low tier USN Battleships to the higher tier.

    The cast rounds the show out with talk of the USS Enterprise and what this is going to mean for the World of Warships as a game and as a community. The excitement for this ship is incredible and Trevzor shares a funny story about fellow WGNA employee Pigeon of War. We also talk about the charity work for Project Valor that Wargaming is aiding in, as well as discussion about this years set of Lets Battle Tours. If you have never been to a Lets Battle Tour, you should really consider going because they are absolutely amazing. Thank you all for listening, see you next time!

    HMS Hood Trivia question entries must be sent by 5PM Pacific Time, Tuesday May 30th!

  83. Thumb 1495231781 artwork

    Episode 39: New Kidd on the Block: USS Kidd and DeGrasse First Impressions (WiP)

    Hi listeners! In this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast we discuss an assortment of new premium ships coming to the game in the near future. Breaking down ships that we are currently testing and reviewing, as well as a bit of speculation on three ships that will hopefully make there appearance soon in game.

    Getting into our show discussion we start off with USS Kidd, a Fletcher class Destroyer that has been slotted at Tier 8 instead of 9. The reasoning of this is that it has one less torpedo rack, trading torpedoes for improved anti aircraft capabilities. We discuss at length our current experiences with the ship and give our thoughts on how it could be improved as well as its current standing in the random meta and possibilities for competitive play. The next ship we are testing is the French Cruiser DeGrasse. A solid cruiser that each cast member believes is a solid premium that we feel, is ready to ship to the public right now. We talk about its strengths and weaknesses and talk about French Cruiser play in general.

    Moving on from the current premium ships that we are testing, the cast gets into the big and highly anticipated ships, and by big ships, we really mean ENTERPRISE! We talk about the Big E and carrier game play, matchmaking, and how even non CV players will be getting this ship just based on the fact that its the Enterprise. The cast also talks about Admiral Markarov which is the Nurnberg but as it was when sold to the Russians and HMS Gallant is a Royal Navy Destroyer. Which is a ship featured in an upcoming movie about the massive evacuation at Dunkirk. We discuss these ships and move onto our final topic for the show.

    The Sink the Bismarck campaign discussion rounds out the podcast with the sale of HMS Hood which is now available via a staggered bundle system. Much like how Graf Spee was handled, players who were familiar with that will understand this system and campaign. We talk about the merits of the sale and remind players that you have 19 days to complete this run. The 100 dollar bundle is brought up and debated as we go over the pluses and minuses for making such a purchase, and break down what the bundle contains.

  84. Thumb 1494527198 artwork

    Episode 38: Business6 gets introspective with the Podcast crew

    With a relatively light news week in World of Warships, the podcast crew and special guest Business6 talk about some deeper topics. We explore the benefits of taking breaks from Warships and why we come back. Thoughtful discussion about the effect of giving out a T8 Bismarck in the upcoming campaign results in some interesting conclusions. The upcoming ranked season is explored with the possibility of it being Tier 6. Finally, we discuss the importance of late game DD play and how to survive in a DD.

  85. Thumb 1493920537 artwork

    Episode 37: Star Wars Day Podcast!

    No guest this week as the podcast hosts recap interesting aspects of the interview with Sub Octavian. After that we discuss the updates to the Hood and Kaga for final production tests and the 0.6.5 changes. Then we delve into the aspects of the new in game events, especially the Clash of Elements and the upcoming Sink the Bismarck campaign. We close with a look back at the Captain skills after playing with them for several months.

  86. Thumb 1493310400 artwork

    Episode 36: Warships Math with Sub Octavian

    Sub Octavian joins us on the podcast from Russia to answer some specific questions about Warships Math. Ever wondered what exactly sigma is? Or about how locking on to a target affects your accuracy? We get these questions and much much more answered as Sub Octavian gives us an amazing insight into how World of Warships mechanics work and how ship balance is determined.

  87. Thumb 1492731026 artwork

    Episode 35: HMS Hood, Kaga, Tirpitz secondaries and more with iChase

    iChase joins the podcast crew on a momentous day. All four of us received the Hood and Kaga to test mere hours before the podcast and we share our first impressions of the initial work in progress ship iterations. We hope for some Hood buffs and are floored by how good the Kaga is. Following that, we talk about our initial impressions of the French Cruisers on live, and the changes to the Tirpitz secondaries and Des Moines deck armor.

  88. Thumb 1492109191 artwork

    Episode 34: ClydethaMonkey, PTS Patch 0.6.4, and in-depth Tier x Tier French Cruisers

    Norwegian twitch streamer ClydeThaMonkey joins the podcast crew this week to discuss the latest from a busy week in World of Warships. First up, we talk about the incoming changes in Patch 0.6.4, including the ever beloved Mogami, as well as the upcoming tweaks to various maps. Next, we discuss the start of the Clash of the Elements event literally getting underway as we recorded the podcast. Finally, after a weekend of testing, we discuss the ins and outs of each French Cruiser, from Tier 1 to Tier X.

  89. Thumb 1491516305 artwork

    Episode 33: Wargaming EU gives a window into Content Creation and Duca D'Aosta gets a Preview!

    Publisher Karsun and Community Coordinator MrConway from Wargaming EU answer questions about the EU Server. They include tidbits about content creation, Ranked Season 6 participation, the challenges of a multi-lingual server, and feedback from the Christmas Convoys. We also talk about the effect of stealth fire removal, the changes to the French ships, and the Podcast crew previews the Duca D'Aosta. Finally, we wrap up by talking about the new Dry Dock on PTS 0.6.4 and the teaser for the upcoming patch.

    Two big announcements are inserted in the middle of all of that, with the Podcast crew announcing their inclusion as Wargaming NA CC's and a special shout out to the Gofundme for fellow player Gary Falbo.

    Don't forget to support us on Patreon!

  90. Thumb 1490899353 artwork

    Episode 32: What it's really like to command a battleship with VADM Douglas Katz USN (retired)

    In this episode of the Warships Podcast we have the privilege of having Vice Admiral Katz (Retired) on talking about his time in the United States Navy and as the Captain of the U.S.S. New Jersey. The Vice Admiral gave us an incredible awe inspiring oral history of just some of the many stories and experiences he had while in the U.S. Navy and on board the U.S.S. New Jersey.

    Stay tuned for next week as we have members from the EU side of Wargaming come on the show. Thank you again for listening and supporting as always!

  91. Thumb 1490297111 artwork
  92. Thumb 1489690595 artwork

    Episode 30: QckSlvrSlash and Trevzor expound on French Cruisers, the Alabama, a day at WG NA, and How to Cruiser!

    The podcast crew is joined by up-in-coming youtuber QckSlvrSlash and, friend of the podcast, Trevzor from Wargaming NA! We discuss Wargaming's #WGK9salute event, the new French cruisers, what their testing schedule looks like, and what kind of flavor they might have. Trevzor gives us some insight into how things are decided at WG NA as well as some advice on how to get their attention. After a quick discussion on the new USS Alabama, Vanessa leads a round table with advice on How to Cruiser for our listeners.

  93. Thumb 1489187187 artwork
  94. Thumb 1488569291 artwork

    Episode 28: The Mighty Jingles and Patch 0.6.2

    This week Kelorn, Kami and Vanessa interview one of the most well-known community contributors for both World of Warships and World of Tanks, the Might Jingles! Jingles tells us about how he got started on Youtube, anecdotes from his time in the Navy, gives his opinion on the new Russian DD's and USS Black, and answers some listener questions!

  95. Thumb 1487905762 artwork

    Episode 27: RIP Poshybird and NoZoupForYou gives us the lowdown on his trip to WGNA Headquarters

    We start this week with a solemn moment of silence in memory of World of Tanks twitch streamer Poshybird. We encourage people to consider donating to the GoFundMe setup in his name. NoZoupForYou is our guest this week and tells us about his amazing trip to Wargaming NA Headquarters in California. He hints about the great things coming this year, whetting our appetites! After that, we talk about the developing ranked meta on the EU and NA servers, which ships are being used and why we think that might be. We round out the episode with a Backer QnA session and announce next week's guest!

  96. Thumb 1487279980 artwork

    Episode 26: The Chieftain arrives in style!

    We start out this week with a new intro as we finally got off the dime and had Vanessa's name added to the intro music! The Chieftain from Wargaming NA stops by to discuss the ins and outs of Ships, how they relate to tanks, how he got started with Wargaming, and a host of other tidbits about how things work behinds the scenes. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

    At the end, we announce that Kami and Kelorn will be participating in two Community Contributor events this weekend, be sure to check out Corgi Fleet and the NA and EU CC event!

  97. Thumb 1486669891 artwork

    Episode 25: A wild Pointy Haired Jedi has appeared! Patch 0.6.1, upcoming changes, and How to Smoke!

    Pointy Haired Jedi joins the podcast for the week and gives us an insight into what being a full time youtuber is like! After that we talk about the start of Ranked Season 6, the reward ship USS Black, and the effect of radar on DD's. New upcoming changes for the Khabharovsk, Iowa, and Montana are spotlighted. We round out the episode with a question from listener Cubist about How to use your Smoke!

  98. Thumb 1486062689 artwork

    Episode 24: Aetam, USN Cruiser changes, PTS, and How to Battleship!

    Aetam and the crew talk about the upcoming changes currently on the PTS including the USN Cruisers, Yamato gun depression, flooding, and smoke changes. After that, Vanessa leads a round table discussion on how to play battleships more effectively!

  99. Thumb 1485464626 artwork
  100. Thumb 1484856613 artwork

    Episode 22: Jammin411 from and Patch 0.6.0 goes live!

    Jammin411 gives us the lowdown on his replay hostings website, including great information about the background data gathering and future plans for the website! After that, Jammin joins the podcast crew as they discuss the release of Patch 0.6.0 and have a friendly debate about what builds to use for various Tier X Battleships, Cruisers, and Destroyers. With a bonus inclusion of a discussion on why Internal Fuse for HE Shells is so good for 150-155mm gun cruisers!

  101. Thumb 1484422238 artwork

    Episode 21: 0.6.0 Public Test #2 Changes and Impressions

    KamiSamurai returns to the podcast as he, Kelorn, and Vanessaira discuss the changes made to for Patch 0.6.0 Public Test #2. They also go into more depth on the ramifications of certain skills and start to feel their way toward builds. Not to be left out, the controversial skill Radio Position Finding gets a little more discussion including Kami's impressions as the countdown to Patch 0.6.0 approaches.

  102. Thumb 1483804352 artwork
  103. Thumb 1482459477 artwork

    Episode 19: WoWS Wiki Crew and WGNA Trevzor bring presents for the Holidays!

    WoWS Wiki Editors Lord Zath and Searaptor come by the same day as WGNA Community Contributor Trevzor for the holidays! Curious about the wiki and how it gets made? Come by for a listen! Not to mention the Holiday events and the Graf Spee! We finish off with a recap of 2016 and a look forward to 2017!

  104. Thumb 1481906671 artwork
  105. Thumb 1481143632 artwork

    Episode 17: USS Missouri and the National Museum of the Pacific War

    Kelorn, Kami, and Vanessa discuss the USS Missouri's release. Then, Kelorn heads to the National Museum of the Pacific War to interview Museum Director Joe Cavanaugh in honor of the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Joe gives us fantastic insight into Admiral Nimitz the man, as well as great info about the Pacific War and how it affected the warships of that time.

  106. Thumb 1480702195 artwork

    Episode 16: Campaigns are AWESOME! Patch 0.5.15

    Kami and Kelorn talk about the new features in Patch 0.5.15 including campaigns, IJN DD changes, Dynamic Divisions, container changes, and the final round of ARP Missions

  107. Thumb 1479930224 artwork
  108. Thumb 1478905997 artwork
  109. Thumb 1478318564 artwork

    Episode 13: Steven Seagal!?! ARP Takao and Sir_Venom_ik

    Sir_Venom_ik, Vanessaira, Kelorn, and Kami get together for round table discussion of current events in World of Warships including the Seagal Captain, ARP Takao, Clan beta, HMS Belfast, and other fun topics!

  110. Thumb 1477782181 artwork
  111. Thumb 1476916026 artwork

    Episode 11: British Cruisers, Patch 0.5.13, and the Naval History and Heritage Command

    This episode Kami and Kelorn discuss the much anticipated Royal Navy Light Cruiser line as well as the quality of life changes and the new containers in Patch 0.5.13. Highlighting the episode, Historian Dr Ryan Peeks and Lieutenant Chloe Morgan of the US Navy's Naval History and Heritage Command join us to answer some warships related history questions!

  112. Thumb 1476283014 artwork

    Episode 10: Listener Q&A with Wargaming NA

    Quemapueblos and Trevzor from Wargaming NA come on the show to answer questions submitted by our listeners. We talk about the state of the Mogami, the economy, incoming carrier updates, and many other topics! Q even drops some hints about great things coming soon!

  113. Thumb 1475791038 artwork
  114. Thumb 1474654045 artwork
  115. Thumb 1473702549 artwork

    Episode 7: 0.5.11 Changes and ShipComrade needs your help!

    This week, Kelorn and KamiSamurai ask for your help for the founder of and detail the changes in Patch 0.5.11. We also discuss the release of the Prinz Eugen and flags in the shop, rounding out the episode by taking some listener questions!

  116. Thumb 1472169358 artwork
  117. Thumb 1471558716 artwork

    Episode 5: An In-depth Analysis of German Battleships

    This week on the Warship Podcast Kami and Kelorn discuss the brand new German Battleship line in depth, ship by ship, along with recommendations on how to play them. We also discuss the reveal of the Royal Navy Cruiser line and take some listener questions.

  118. Thumb 1471011970 artwork

    Episode 4: Patch 0.5.10 - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    This week, Kami and Kelorn discuss current events and the 0.5.10 patch. Including the upcoming German ships, recent NDA accusations, current missions in the game, flags and USN/IJN Premium recommendations!

  119. Thumb 1469730078 artwork
  120. Thumb 1469121330 artwork

    Episode 2: Patch 0.5.9 Changes, Molotov Contest, and DerekSlide stops by for a chat.

    This week we talk about the Patch 0.5.9 changes, including Situational Awareness, Smoke Generators, Preferential Matchmaking, Voice Chat, and updated Armor Models. We also announce a contest to win a Molotov from the Warships Podcast and talk a little bit about using consumables. Finally, Twitch Streamer DerekSlide stops by to talk about his stream!

  121. Thumb 1468778523 artwork

    First! and Doc Citadel comes to visit.

    This is the first episode of the Warships Podcast with Kelorn and KamiSamurai about the Wargaming title: World of Warships. We discuss current events such as the Bastion mode, competitive game mode meta, and our favorite Premium ships. We also talk a little bit about map awareness tactics and ammo types. Finally, we're joined by the creator of the OverPowered Gaming community, Doctor Citadel.

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